Thursday, September 15, 2011

Computer Generation

            At  the end of 1950s actual test and implementation of computer started.
More and more computer were developed in search  of automatic processing and
deriving solution . The computer has reached the present stage after going through
three major modification stages. These major modification in the early mechanical
and electromechanical computers were follows.
  • Development of IC
  • Advancement on the IC in to LSI and 
  • Advancement on the VLSI
               Integrated Circuit was patented by Harwick Johnson of RCA in1953. but Robort Noyce of fairchild semiconductor and jack kilby of Texas Instrument engine are credited in developing first integrated circuit in 1959 . Later developments in the IC design resulted form.
  • the application of photo engraving to IC  manufacture  . 
  • the use of layers of silicon oxide insulation in order to build up multiple layers of crystal circuitry.  

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