Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Power Supply Devices

     The power supply device are intermediate connections between the computer and main power socket in the room. one end of these device is connected to the main supply line and the other end is connected to the computer. The following are the very common power supply devices. 
  • Volt Guard
  • Voltage Stabilizer
  • UPS 
Volt guard 
       This is the simplest device 
available in the market . This 
device goes off if the high voltage
comes. This protects from high 
voltage damage to the computer

Voltage Stabilizer 
        The automatic voltage 
stabilizer is a device that
tries to maintain the required
volt between 220 v to 240 v to 
the system. it is  also a power
supply device.

    UPS is an acronym for Uninterrupted 
Power supply. In case of the interruption
of electricity . the data may be lost or 
the work of a long time will be lost in
no time . It system , backup power supply
or diesel generator power supply system 
are kept intact all the time to prevent
the interruption of electricity in 
hospitals and sensitive places.

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