Monday, September 19, 2011


All the physical parts of the computer system like keyboard, mouse,monitor, speaker, etc is called hardware. as said earlier all computer fall under the hardware category. These component are visible and er can touch them. The cpu , printer, keyboard , monitor etc and all peripherals are known as hardware. 
   Hardware is associated with the storage and use of software such as displaying different characters on the screen storing data and information perform written in it , task print the processed data and information as result. Hardware is based on the program written in it. 
         As the electric pulses pass through component of hardware they begin to perform task as instructed by the programmer. Neither, software nor hardware can perform any task without the other . 
You can make a comparison between a computer hardware and software on the one hand and the mind and human body on the other hand . for example if you wish to purchase a ticket or you want to go here home the mind or soul. 
Similarly the physical parts of component of the computer system which we can see and touch are known as Hardware.

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