Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Computer Programming

                     we have already discussed about the computer programming concept in previous chapters. Before commencing the real time programming it is worthy to have revision of it's basic features. The program, which makes the computer work is called software. It is natural to think and come up with suitable step by step procedures to obtain the solution of a problem. 
         When a compter is employed to solve a problem , it must be supplied with suitable step by step procedure in a systematic sequence . These systematic notations for the specification of such of the sequence of step by step procedures in a particular programming language is referred to as a program. The tasks of developing programs for the solution of a program using computer is referred to as computer programming . The personnel engaged in the development of the program. 
        From the above description we understand that a program is a software . In the early times. programmers used to developed programs or software which were based on character user interface . In due course of time , programmers got very fantastic and graphic user interfaces and advance programming languages in which little efforts makes the things better. These software were classified in different categories . They are:
  • Application software and 
  • System software
      Application programs are basically problem oriented and they are used to solve particular type of problems . The application software is further classified as:
  • Tailored software
  • Package software
  • and Utility software

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