Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Second Generation

         Noble Prize winners Jojn
Burdeen, Walter H.Brattain and 
 William B.Shockley jointly invented
transistor in 1948-1949 . Magnetic
core of transistor is more capable 
of storing information than vacuum
tube. The computer using transistor
as storage media are classified as 
second Generation computers . One 
transistor could do the task of 1000
vacuum tubes . Due to this reason, 
it seemed that smaller and faster 
computer can be replaced by 18 
transistors . IBM 1401 is an example
of this advantage. In this generation computer are relatively smaller than the First Generation computers and they are much faster and reliable . 

         Generally purpose computer was first developed by IBM . In 1950 IBM developed IBM 650, a general purpose computer. Similarly in 1951 Remington Rand developed UNIVAC-1 which could be used in business data processing . During this period. many other companies were also involved in developing computers .