Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Magnetic Tape

        Magnetic tape is a one of the 
secondary sequential storage device
or the storage media . Magnetic tape
has also been used for years as input
storage medium and it remains a choice
today for high speed large volume 
storage . Its data density ( the 
number of characters that can be 
stored in given physical space) 
is high and its transfer rate( the 
speed with which data can be copied
into processor storage ) is 
comparatively fast.
    The tape our self nay be in a 
large reel or a small cartage or 
cassette . However packaged the
tape is usually similar to the 
kind used in tape recorder . It's
a plastic ribbon that is coated on 
one side with iron oxide or some 
other material that can be magnetised .
Tiny invisible spots representing  data 
are from the tape into main storage . The tape moves past the read head at a speed of 200 inches per second. some advantages of the Magnetic tape are given below. 
  • Magnetic tape can be reused.
  • Mass data storage in Magnetic tape is cheaper.
  • Data can be stored for long term retrieval purpose.
  • Data can be transferred directly into hard disks from Magnetic tape.   

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  1. To dry your tapes out once being exposed, don't use any technique involving heat to dry them out like house heaters or hair dryers. Heat can cause the tape to warp, and in doing thus can cause permanent injury. the foremost effective thanks to dry the tapes out is to require the reels of tape out of the container and place them in a very cool location out of daylight that contains a constant air flow. an outsized fan placed within the space can facilitate with air circulation magnet tape