Monday, September 19, 2011


       Software is a general term, used to describe various program which may be used in a computer system. This is the most important concept associated with computers One you understand what a software is you will understand most of the  computers capabilities and limitation 
        A  computer is just a machine that processes information stored in the form of numbers . A computer can store data and long series of instructions which command the computers what operations to perform in the data. Such series of instruction is called a computer program .  
        Computer programs are collectively known as software. There are thousands of software available . All the software cannot be put together at the same place . For the convenience of study these software are classified into two categories They are Application software and system software.
        Application software program does specific jobs for the user such as solving equations or the producing bills results processing of campus data processing of account in the banks etc. which are provided by the computer manufacturing and supplier but inmost of the cases the software may be designed and prepared as the requirement is encountered. 

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