Monday, September 19, 2011

The Motherboard

The  Motherboard
      The motherboard is the main circuit
board or the system board in a computer is called the motherboard.
     The motherboard is a large printed circuit board thin flat sheet of plastic or sheet of fiberglass or the material with electricity pathways called traces etched  onto it . These traces connected computers that are soldered to the motherboard or attached to it  by various connectors. They connect  numerous plugsin receptacles which accommodate the computers. most important component.
   The most common component on the motherboard are follows:
  1. Buses
  2. System clock
  3. Microprocessor
  4. ROM chip
  5. sockets for RAM
  6. A CMOS Battery
  7. Expansion slot
  8. Power supply
  9. cooling fan
  10. speaker
  11. Drive etc.

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