Wednesday, September 14, 2011

History of computers

                   Computers are developed as a result of mans search for a faster way to calculate. computers are very faster because data and the instructions are repeated very fast as pulses within electronic circuits and they travel at the  speed of light  one days work on a computer would take a person more than 2700 years within a hand calculator .  People who contributed to make this possible were philosophers. inventors mathematics programmers etc. it has come  to this stage because of their tireless efforts.
                   Long before counting machines did not exit. they used  to count using their fingers or arranged stones in piles or rows. they drew lines on the ground cut  notches in stikes or tied knots in string in order to keep track of the quantities of thin gs as their need to calculate increase people sought tools to help  them.
                    Around fifth century AD Hindu philosophers developed a new method of counting form 0 to 9
this system of counting is called the decimal method .the numbers stared above 0 to 9 are the digits. Digits is a figure or toe and counting  on the  ones fingers is called the digital operation  The term digital has been extende3d to cover any  operation on distinct values which are carried out in steps.

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