Wednesday, September 21, 2011

HTML and Web page desigining

                      The shared language of Communication of the world wide web was developed in Switzerland. This has four official languages it was difficult for people to communicate without a common language in computers. They developed a language some what similar to Esperanto ( which is combination of different languages of Europe) named Hyper Text Markup Language HTML.
         HTML allows to format text, add rules, graphics, sound and video and saved it all in a text only in ASCII file that any computer can read. The key to HTML is in the tags, the keywords enclosed in less than and greater than signs that indicates what kind of content is coming up. 
          HTML looks like a lot of text sprinkled with greater than and smaller than signs until you open the file with a special program called a browser. A browser can interpret the HTML tags and then show the formatted document on the screen. 
         The main or the key ingredient of the HTML is its Hypertext . HTML document can contain links to other HTML documents or practically anything else in the Internet. you can create several web pages and have your cursor jump from one to another as required . you can also create links to other organizations web pages giving your users access to information held at other sites.

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