Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Importance of computer

               Compute means to calculate something . To calculate  means to do some mathematical operations . About 30/40 years ago, calculator was introduced as a calculating devices . Calculator computers the number originated with a huge size and extremely high processing capabilities. Later on computers have become very powerful devices to aid the development in this field of the data processing  and computing sectors. Computer is used in almost every field in developed countries

  • computer in communications
  • computer in Banking system
  • computer in Ticketing reserving 
  • computer in Business
  • computer in Education
  • computer in Decision making 
  • computer in studies 
  • computer Education is it education
  • computer in distance education 
  • computer in Robortics
  • computer in Marketing 
  • computer in civilization
  • computer in school
  • computer in hotel manangement
  • computer in Alianve 

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