Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Development of calculation devices

              From the time of mans development they search ed for solving the problems of different calculations . They tried to find suitable devices which could do small tasks of adding subtractions multiplications and division
They developed different devices which finally led to the road way  of  the  current advanced and elegant computers.

             Abacus is a portable device that consist of beads strung on wire or wooden rods. Using an abacus one can rapidly and accurately add subtract multiply and divide large numbers and no one is sure that about exactly when the first abacus appeared . It is developed by the numbers of team of china, Egypt and Greece. It is steel used some parts of the worlds.

The slide Rule:
               In 1620 just six years  after the invention of longarithms William Oughtred  invented the slide rule. which is a calculating device the users the principles of logarithms. a simple slide rule consists of two garduated scale one of which slips upon the other it possible to obtained products quotients or their functions by inspection.
Analytical Engine:
             This is one of the world famous engine which is programmed by Ada lady augustha and designed by the charles  babbage who is known as the father and grand father of the computer science and He made the computer technology group successful in the computer history. charles babbage is one of the great professor of mathematics at cambridge university and atarted a small model of his Different engine.

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