Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mini computer

         Mini  computer  are medium in size , which means, it is bigger than
microcomputer and smaller than mainframe computer. it may require a smaller
room than that of the mainframe . The device and peripherals used in the minis
are smaller in size . It can communicate with 50 terminals . At a time at least 50
data processing programming . desktop publishing etc. Minicomputers can be
used in local area networks.
                 Minicomputers also have small general purpose system but unlike
most of the micro computer they are typically serve multiple users. They are
usually more powerful and more  expensive than minis computers.
            In physically size minicomputers  very from  desktop module to unit
of the size of small file cabines.
National computer center Nepal Telecommunication Nepal Rastra Bank ,
Agricultural Bank,RNAC, etc are using minicomputer such as Data General ,
primer, Neck, plesley, etc.

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