Wednesday, September 21, 2011

System study

                  System study is derived from the Greek word systema. which means an organized relationship among the functioning units or components. In our daily life, we have come in contact with the transposition system and for over three decades, the computer system. when we talk about computer systems they are categorized in the following groups for purpose of study:
  • Physical or abstract system.
  • Open or closes system.
  • Deterministic or probabilistic systems. 
  • Man made information system. 
          We are more concerned about man made information system and we will discuss about it in the coming sections; The man made informantion system is further classified as:
  • Formal information systems
  • Informal information systems
  • Computer based information systems
            The third category of information system depends mainly on the computer for handling business applictions . system analysis develop several different types of information system to meet a variety of busuness needs . There is a class of systems collectively known as computer based information system. 
           As we have different types of transportation systems such as highway systems railwazy shstens and airlines systems  computer based information systems are of too many types. They are classified as:
  • Transaction processing system
  • Management information system
  • Decision support systems
  • Office automation systems

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