Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hard Disk

       Hard Disk is one of the storage device in which we
can store many more things and we can store different
types of graphics design and other things, When the
floppies are kept one after another in a pile like structure
with the help ofa common spindle all the disks move with
the same speed when the spindle rotates . The cartridge
made in this principle is known as hard disk. For each
floppy , two read and write headers are connected with
the help of an arm . These arms are connected with the
header actuator motors and the spinhdle is rotated with
the help of motor.
       Generally, such types of floppies in apack or disk
pack contains 6 or 11 disks called platters. Each platter has two
surfaces so that it needs 22 read and write heads. Each head is
controlled by the circuit board. In the case of exchangeable disks the uppermost and the lowermost surfaces may come in contact with hand . Therefore these two surfaces in such disks do not contain data.
       Hard disks are commonly used in mainframe and mini computers. Obviously, in microcomputers  also. hard disks are common in use. They are also called the fixed disks. Recent development in the technology has facilitated micro computers with exchangeable hard disks.  

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