Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fourth Generation

             Intel corporation developed 
Intel 4004 chips in 1971for the first
time as microprocessors . The result 
of thedevelopment of IC is the development
of microprocessor .Many American 
companies started to  manufacturing 
microcomputers since 1973 . IT system
, AST , ALR,Macintosh , IBM PC Agtec
, Wang Laser , etc came into market .
Microcomputers are highly efficient in
data processing very much reliable ,
small and elegant . It ca n 
accommodate a huge number of date 
in a small place . Micro computers 
are as small as a note book and are
capable of communicating with mini 
computer s or mainframe computer s
with the help of MODEM . In the urban areas of Kathmandu valley , nearly 7/8 thousand micro computers are in used . They are used processors used in these computer s are microprocessors .
          Fourth Generations computers have micro processors which have serial numbers . The serial number indicates the capability of the computer and speed as well.

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